Services We Offer:

Electric Fencing

We use top quality stainless steel wire with high voltage pulses sent from the energiser. The voltage is 10,000 volts. We supply LED indicator lights to indicate status of the fence. All materials used are hot dipped galvanised or marine grade 316 stainless steel.

Razor Wire

We install and supply RIPPER RAZOR WIRE, either FLATWRAP OR BTC COIL, as opposed to STANDARD RAZOR WIRE. All products are galvanised, for longevity, due to coastal conditions. We install the razor wire, using vertical or angled galvanised brackets, spaced at 3 metres and tied or bound, using straining wires top and bottom.

Security Spikes

All security spikes are hot dipped galvanised, before powder coating. Standard colours are black or white, but almost any colour can be requested. We install any type of spike that is available at the time of request. We have samples to offer our clients.

Our Guarantee

We pride ourselves on the level of expertise and workmanship provided on all our installations. We install the JVA range of energisers, which carry a 2 year guarantee. Plus we will happily guarantee our workmanship for one year.

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